Explore Sumpter

Links to Sumpter from the Scoop-N-Steamer in Sumpter Oregon

We love Sumpter and we would love to show you around!  Here are some links to some of the places we would like to show you…….

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Here is the official Sumpter Valley Railroad website – get schedules, times, prices…etc.

 (our particular favorite!)  www.sumptervalleyrailroad.org

In addition to the SVRR….we love the Sumpter Dredge too!  Learn all about this private group of residents who volunteer their time to the restoration and preservation of the historic Sumpter Dredge.   www.friendsofthedredge.wordpress.com

Here is official Oregon Parks and Recreation Website for the Sumpter Valley Dredge.   www.oregonstateparks.org

Take a step back in time with a visit to the Sumpter Municipal Museum. They have many interesting artifacts, as well as lots of great historic photos too!      www.sumptermuseum.wordpress.com

Bringing your favorite furry friend with you to Sumpter?  Need pet supplies while you’re in town?  Be sure to stop in and get a free treat for your dog at:  sodamountain.org

Need some groceries? Maybe a snack or even a movie? Visit our friends at:  www.fergusgoldpost.wordpress.com

Looking for property in Sumpter? Be sure to visit our local Real Estate Offices………

 Rustic Realty LLC    www.rusticrealtyproperties.com 

Homestead Realty, Inc.   www.homesteadrealtysumpter.com

Looking for more information about Sumpter? We’d be glad to answer your questions if we can, just give us a call or send us an email:  scoopandsteamerlogcabins@gmail.com         541-894-2236

(we try to answer our emails within 24 hours)

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