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Scoop N Steamer - Full service restaurant and authentic log cabins in Sumpter Oregon

Welcome to the Scoop-N-Steamer Full-Service Restaurant and Log Cabins!

We would like to welcome you to our beautiful little Gold Town!

I would love to share with you some information about The Scoop N Steamer Restaurant and Log Cabins. The Restaurant was completed and officially opened in April of 1995. Construction took nine months as even the counters and cabinets were painstakingly built by hand! Once Scoop N Steamer was established, it was decided to expand to include log cabins. Construction on four log cabins began in the summer of 1997 and were opened in Nov of that same year. When the cafe first opened, only Deli Sandwiches,  along with quality Espresso and Ice Cream, were served.

Once the Scoop N Steamer began to gain popularity with visitors and locals, the demand grew for a breakfast menu, and so our famous Scoop N Steamer breakfast menu was born!  As a matter of fact,  the Scoop N Steamer is the only place for breakfast in town! Folks enjoyed our breakfasts so much, it wasn’t long before a dinner menu was introduced – and the menus continue to expand to include new favorites! Of course the deli menu, which started it all, is still the favorite around here! We are very proud of the unique menu items prepared by hand for our guests like our tasty Buffalo Burger. For dessert, we are proud to serve scrumptious ice cream, made right here in Oregon by Blue Bunny and served in waffle cones we make by hand here in the restaurant! We serve our ice cream all year……! If you’ve dined with us in the past, be sure to visit us again soon, as we are always developing new, unique menu items, as well as new desserts we are sure you will enjoy!

Thanks to our fans and all our local friends…..Scoop N Steamer is still here and looking forward to another year of success!

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us!  You can make a comment right here on our blog…or send us an email:

Scoop N Steamer in Sumpter Oregon. We love motorcycles!

Hope to see in soon!

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