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Win a free stay at the Scoop!


We would like to thank everyone for adding us to their friends list…sure is great to have friends isn’t it?

But we have a question for you……how would you like to spend a night in quiet, cozy log cabin in the mountains? How nice would it be to enjoy some alone time with someone special? Would it be easier to imagine yourself enjoying a mountain getaway if it were free?

We are going to give someone a Christmas Present this year to show our appreciation for all the nice friends who have “liked” us on Facebook!

If you haven’t added us to your friends list yet…….

don’t worry…..you’ve still got a little time!

The deadline to enter our contest for a free night at the

Scoop-N-Steamer is Midnight on Saturday, December 15th!

We’ll announce the winner next week!

Visit us at:      Facebook.com/scoopandsteamer



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